Inventory Control

Inventory Control

WISE provides all the inventory control tools you would expect :

  • Serial number tracking
  • Visibility of stock across all warehouses
  • Move stock between locations or warehouses
  • Adjust inventory levels
  • Generate and apply replenishments
  • Print new stock labels
  • Freeze (hold) stock
  • Quaratine options
  • Change product case and pallet details
  • List the stock for any product in a number of sequences
  • Print an inventory listing for any item

Four stock modes are concurrently supported :

  • Free stock - The amount which is available for new orders
  • Physical stock - The stock which is physically in the warehouse at that time. N.B. With radio frequency
    picking the physical stock is updated the moment the pick occurs.
  • Frozen (held) stock - Not available for sale
  • Allocated stock - The amount that has been allocated to orders which are in the process of being picked

WISE also fully supports random (catch weight) products.




WISE ensures that you get exactly what you ordered. Goods can be received via an RF terminal or on a workstation. Each pallet, carton or lot of stock is uniquely identified before it is put away. Checkers are forced to validate each products use by code life (if applicable), before it can be received. Additional special information can be captured for each pallet (or lot) of stock. Stock which is being checked but not yet available for picking can be readily seen on an item inquiry.

Stock can be received against :

  • Purchase orders which were automatically transferred from another computer system
  • Purchase orders which were entered directly into WISE
  • Branch transfers and manufacturing receipts which were transferred from another computer or
    entered to WISE
  • Credit returns
  • BOMs

Unplanned receipts are also supported.

Stock can be received and made available for picking immediately after checking.

The capacity of a warehouse can be fully utilized which may save the cost of rebuilding or allow for a higher volume of investment stock to be purchased.

Fork driver man hours and fork travel are substantially reduced.

The available storage capacity of a warehouse can be readily seen. This information is invaluable during peak trading periods.



Put Away Paths

Paths allow specific put away instructions to be tailored to suit the physical configuration of a warehouse.

A set of put away path instructions can be linked to a single item or a variety of product characteristics. This activity allows infinite control over the way in which the system puts the stock away. The path instructions can be set once, and rarely looked at again. Alternatively, in the case of an ever changing warehouse environment the path instructions can be updated regularly. This facility provides the key to full utilization of the cubic capacity of the warehouse.

Many unique aspects of each pallet (or lot) of stock are considered by the system before the stock is finally put away. The savings in man hours and equipment are substantial because the fork lift operator goes directly to the specified location instead having to spend time trying to physically find an appropriate vacant location.



Order Scheduling

Once an order enters the system vital statistics are calculated and displayed in the order schedule window. Orders can be assessed for selection using advanced filtering and sorting facilities. Upon selection the system automatically allocates stock to each order based on a wide variety of user configured options. Alternatively manual override facilities can be used to allocate specific stock to a particular line on any order. Once selected orders can then be released for picking individually or formed into waves.



Order Tracking

As soon as an order enters WISE, its status can be monitored up to the point the stock is loaded onto the truck. If using our electronic freight interface, you can track the goods until they are finally delivered.



Transport Management

Electronic interfaces are available for most Australian transport companies. These include Australia Post eParcel, Toll, TNT, Allied Express, Cope, Startrack Express, Total Transport and more. Intelligent rule based carrier application and consignment building is available, helping you choose the cheapest method of delivery, optimize loads and save you money. Freight can then be tracked right up to the point of delivery.

Freight costing module calculates the real cost of transport so you only pay the correct rate for what you have despatched. Regular reports can be produced which readily show all transport statistical information to assist in the negotiation of the lowest rate. Any number of rates and size/weight parameters for every transport company can be entered to the system.

If you manage your own transport the system can keep details on truck types, driver's names, anticipated arrival times etc. Orders can be formed into loads and attached to particular trucks whilst in the orders pool. Booking sheets can be printed and faxed to the relative transport companies for confirmation of pick up times.



Order Picking

WISE supports a variety of picking modes :

  • Selective-single order
  • Consolidated orders
  • Cubed and pick to trolley
  • Batched
  • Pick to conveyor by zone
  • Cross dock

WISE interfaces to picking systems such as Siemens Pick Director, Dexion RDS and Balea Shopeur.



Replenishment of Pick Slots

Pick slot replenishments can be generated in a number of ways :>

  • When the stock in the slot drops to a trigger point
  • When orders are released for picking
  • On demand using a radio frequency terminal or via a workstation
  • Automated at regular intervals


Stocktaking and Cycle Counting

Full stocktakes can be performed using pure RF, paper, or a combination of both. Cycle counting can be carried out as part of the picking or replenishment process or on a timed basis. The period between counts is can be set manually or governed automatically by the system.

The advantage of the radio frequency system is that you can cycle count while picking is in progress. You can even have the picker count the stock when the stock in the slot gets to a pre-determined level. Every count is stored with the counters name, date and time and the count quantity.



Performance Monitoring

The performance of products and staff can be monitored using a host of special reports.

Every transaction is recorded with the name of the person who did the job together with all other relevant information and a time and date stamp. This information is analyzed by the staff performance monitoring system to provide an accurate picture every individual's performance



3PL Support

WISE supports multiple clients (owners of stock) in a single contract warehouse. Most options can be controlled at product or owner level so that the system can react to differing requirements. A fully featured billing system allows client charges to be accumulated and invoiced on a periodic basis. This information can be interfaced to a host accounting system.

Customers can easily keep in touch with their stock via the WISE web interface or regular automatically generated emailed reports.



Software Integration

WISE is easily interfaced with existing software in the organization. We have experience interfacing to systems such as Microsoft Dynamics Ax, SAP, MYOB, Winward System5, MFG Pro, JD Edwards, BPICS and more.



Web Access

Web access available providing order entry, receipt entry and online reporting. Online reports include stock on hand, order status and receipt status.



Full Radio Frequency Support

Most of the options which can be accessed from a workstation can be used from an RF terminal. However the screens which are displayed on the RF terminal have been specifically designed for the user and are not simply a cut down version of the workstation screens.



Electronic Trading

Full EDI support is available. Advanced ship notes can be produced for all major trading partners including Coles/Myer group, Woolworths/Big W and David Jones etc producing both the required data and bar coded labels.



RFID Enabled

Future proof your organization with RFID. WISE supports reading and writing of RFID smart labels which can help streamline internal processes and ensure compliance with current and future trading standards.



History Tracking

Warehouse activity is logged and can be queried using the multi level search facility.



Report Options and Data Export

An ever growing selection of reports are available to meet all requirements.

All reports can be exported to PDF, XLS or HTML format.

Reports can be automatically generated and emailed to management or clients based on a timer or system events. They can be produced in a variety of formats or exported as raw data.

Web based reports can be generated on demand via the WISE web interface.



System Configuration

WISE can be configured to suit the requirements of your warehouse without making program changes to the software. Every WISE customer uses exactly the same WISE software (subject to version change). As new features are added you can turn them on or off depending upon your requirements.



Warehouse Diagnostics

The system retains a wealth of statistical data which can be used to layout your warehouse so that it's full space utilization potential is realized and picking productivity increased. A full range of layout reports and on screen facilities allow you to keep your warehouse balanced and operating in an efficient manner.




Access to individual menu options can be tailored to the users requirements. User accounts can be simply created from templates or replication.